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Bumper Repair & Refinishing

If you need your bumper repaired, Touch Up Masters in Austin, Texas can provide you with expert service at prices that are much lower than body shop prices. We come highly recommended by many in the automotive industry for bumper repair and refinishing services.  We are highly trained and have the necessary experience to return your bumper to its original condition. You no longer have to worry about a full bumper replacement because of cracks or other damage. However, if you do find yourself needing an entirely new bumper, don't worry, we've got that covered too.  We take pride in our work because it is a reflection of our values. Customer satisfaction is a top priority to us. See more info about replacing your bumper vs repairing it here.

damage Is Inevitable

Over time, your bumpers will eventually sustain some type of damage. This can include scrapes, dents, punctures, cracks, or damage from the environment. This damage can detract from the value and appearance of your vehicle. Our skilled technicians are constantly complimented on their ability to make the damage done to the area disappear. The repair and refinishing are also backed by our warranty.

Why repair a bumper instead of replacing it? Quite simply, many times it is less expensive to repair your bumper. This is especially true for modern vehicles where the bumper is manufactured from plastic and is designed more for appeal than functionality. This means that your bumper is not resistant to minor bumps and dings. 

Bumper Repair & Refinishing at Touch Up Masters

Proper bumper repair and refinishing is a complex process that should be performed by highly trained technicians. If your bumper needs repair,call Touch Up Masters  for fast, high-quality service. We service a wide variety of makes and models including motorcycles and take pride in repairing your vehicle to like new condition. Below you can see a before and after photo of one of our recent jobs.