Do I need to replace my car bumper?

Bumpers experience the majority of the wear and tear that a vehicle undergoes with time. Front and back bumpers are often the only two pieces of protection between your car and other vehicles or objects. The very name 'bumper' implies that these pieces of a vehicle are expected to get beat up on a fairly regular basis. In fact, manufacturers design bumpers to be quite brittle in order to absorb some of the energy that is generated during a collision. The more impact that is absorbed by the bumpers, the less damage the rest of the vehicle and driver will experience overall.

A majority of minor accidents are known as "fender benders". This simply refers to the propensity for the rear bumper of a vehicle to take the majority of the damage during these collisions. Although these accidents don't typically cause harm to the drivers, the sheer number of "fender benders" is cause for concern. 

Even when a vehicle doesn't get into any accidents, bumpers can still take a lot of damage. Scratches from tree or plant limbs, small dents from rocks and the occasional wear and tear can end up making bumpers quite the eyesore. Many car owners wonder at what point they have to get their entire bumper replaced as opposed to simply fixing some of the damages. In general, replacing an entire bumper is more expensive than performing some repairs. However, there are some situations where replacing a bumper is necessary.

Bumpers that are hanging off of a vehicle need to be replaced as soon as possible. This usually happens when the clamps intended to keep the bumpers in place are damaged or broken off completely. Bumpers should also be replaced when there is a major crack that goes through the entire piece of plastic. Car owners should also consider replacing their bumpers when there is major paint damage.

Car owners will be happy to know that a majority of bumper issues can be repaired instead of requiring an entire replacement. It is important to note that most of these repairs need to be performed by a professional such as the ones at Touch Up Masters. Car owners who attempt to mend these repairs on their own may end up causing more damage in the long run. We have the experience, tools and necessary expertise to perform any repairs on a vehicle's bumper. From removing scratches and dents to fixing chips and paint damage, here at Touch Up Masters, we can handle it all. Call us today or contact us online to schedule an appointment for a free estimate!

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