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Paint Chip Repair in Austin

Paint chip repair is an excellent solution for stopping rust and other issues from forming where small chips occur. While paint chip repair won't completely make the blemish vanish, it will cover it up and make it much less noticeable. Ask us about our Paint Chip Protection Plan. One fee for the entire year gets you quarterly visits with us for rock chip repairs. It's a great way to maintain the condition of your paint and prevent rust from beginning. 

 Why using a professional service is highly recommended 

It’s not a process that the average owner can complete in a satisfactory way in their own garage. Trying to do so without the expertise required is likely to result in the improper application of paint that is more noticeable than the original damage was. You probably don’t have the specialized tools, brushes, or paint you’d need just sitting around your home, so an attempt at a DIY fix would require investing in a set of products that you’re likely to only need once, then never touch again, and then, if you’re dissatisfied with your results, you could find yourself bringing it in for us to fix anyway! 

Why Touch Up Masters?

Touch Up Masters has over two decades of expertise repairing chipped paint and bumpers in Austin. We provide a fast and superior service, and we’re committed to excellence. We’re proud of what we do, and we’re confident that our customers can attest that our pride shows through in the quality of our work. A vehicle is an important investment and keeping the paint maintained and blemish free helps your vehicle retain value. 
Touch Up Masters is the most highly recommended company rock and paint chip repair. Contact us today for all of your vehicle paint repair needs and we will make your vehicle look like new!


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