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Minor Body work and dent repair in Austin 

There are thousands of car accidents around the country on a daily basis. Most accidents are minor and only cause a small amount of damage to the vehicles. Some people assume the damage caused to their vehicles by these accidents are not able to be repaired and that their bumpers need to be replaced. While that is sometimes the case, it's not always true. 

One of the first things that vehicle owners think about after an accident is getting repair work done. This is why it is important to call Touch Up Masters in Austin, TX. In the majority of cases, our services are less than your deductible. This can save you money and having a report on your insurance.

We provide a convenient repair service

Touch Up Masters is an exceptional and convenient automotive paint repair company to choose for your vehicle. We provide services to customers throughout Central Texas. Our trained and experienced technicians have worked with many different makes and models of cars motorcycles and trucks. We pride ourselves on completing fantastic minor bodywork repairs that get your car looking as if it were new. 

We value all of our customers and understand the importance of getting back to regular life. Damage to vehicles caused by accidents of any sort can slow you down. Our same day service and affordable pricing make it possible for our customers to get back to work and their other responsibilities.

You can contact us online or call 512-740-5048, to schedule a time to come visit us when you need paint repairs, bumper repairs, crack repairs and more. Our customers will be able to quickly get back on the road with our speedy service. Schedule your free estimate today for your repair work!