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Headlight restoration

Headlights become oxidized over time. This leaves them looking dull and foggy. But, don't worry, you do not need to replace the entire headlight, you just need a headlight restoration. We can help get those headlights shining like new again. We can help walk you through the process so you can understand why your headlights became discolored and how we are going to fix them. 


Headlights are covered with a hard coating when the car is at its manufacturing plant. This coating is designed to protect the headlights from the sun, chemicals, scratches, and heat. Over time, this coating breaks down, becomes foggy and turns yellow. To restore the headlights there are several steps. 

1.First, the lens must be cleaned to remove any dirt, so the surface is prepared for the following steps. We will make sure all the accumulated grime is removed from the lens. 

2. We remove the yellowing and scratches. This is done in several stages, using fine wet sandpaper so the surface is smooth again and all the scratches (from damage and from the process) are eliminated. You are then left with very fine scratches that are taken care of in the next step. 

3. Next, we need to get rid of the fine scratches caused by the sandpaper. We use a heavy compound that is used to buff the lens until they are smooth and scratch free. 

4. Then, the lenses are polished with a special plastic polish which will bring them back to their factory shine. Now, they need to be protected again, just like in the factory. 

5. Finally, a hard coating, similar to the original one that was put on, is applied to each lens to protect them from all the elements. Now, your headlights are just like new again. 

Why choose Touch Up Masters To Restore Your Headlights?

Using a professional business to restore your headlights will ensure you get the full restoration and save you the time it takes to facilitate all the steps. Headlight restoration in Austin can be performed by Touch Up Masters. We can get those lights back to factory finish. This restoration helps increase your visibility on the road, so people can see you better. It also allows you to see others better because the lights will be able to shine brightly in front of your vehicle as they were designed to.

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