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The Best Surface Scratch Removal Austin Has to Offer

Surface scratches on your vehicle aren't only unsightly, they also lower the value of your vehicle. Let's take a look at what causes surface scratches and what Touch Up Masters can do for you.

What caused your surface scratches?

One of the most common ways a vehicle owner ends up with surface scratches is when they wash their vehicle by hand at home. While this is an easy way to avoid a trip to the carwash, the reality is that you may be doing more long-term damage to your vehicle than you realize. Excess grit that isn't properly rinsed from the vehicle before you start scrubbing can really do a number on the paint. So can using the wrong kind of cloth or towel. Another big mistake vehicle owners make when washing their vehicle at home is using dish soap. Dish soap breaks down the protective clear coat and leaves the vehicle more susceptible to surface scratches.

If your vehicle has just one or even a few surface scratches, get in touch with us at Touch Up Masters today. We are the local professionals in surface scratch removal in Austin, providing a quality finish without long waiting times. 

You can contact us online or call 512-740-5048, to schedule an appointment to visit us when you need paint repairs, bumper repairs, crack repairs and more. 


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