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Touch Up Masters' 3-Stage Buffing Service

While an at-home hand buffing with any commercial all-in-one product is a quick way to refresh your auto or motorcycle paint job, it simply fills in surface scratches rather than removing them. The marginal improvement achieved with this method lasts only until the next car wash cleanses the filler from the surface. 

If you are looking for significant improvement and a longer-lasting shine consider allowing the professionals at Touch Up Masters in Austin to perform a full Three-stage buffing on your vehicle. 

Touch Up Masters’ Three-stage buffing process uses three gradually stepped-down levels of polishing compound to remove superficial scratches, swirls, and other imperfections from your vehicle’s surface and restore most of the brightness and clarity of its original showroom finish. 

What Exactly Is Involved in Three-Stage Buffing?


Your automobile or motorcycle will be thoroughly cleaned to remove all surface contaminants like dirt, brake dust, tar, bird droppings, and so on. 

Clay Bar Fine Particle Removal 
Next, technicians will slide a clay bar over the surface of your vehicle to lift out and fine embedded debris which remain following the initial wash. Once satisfied that no debris remains, the techs can start the first stage of the Three-stage buffing. 

Stage 1 - Paint Leveling 
In this first stage of the buffing process, an abrasive “cutting” compound will be used to remove micro-thin layers of clearcoat and paint to reveal the unmarred surface below. Their goal is to use only as much abrasion as is absolutely necessary for scratch removal, as abrasives which are overly harsh can end up creating scratches of their own. Polishing compounds powerful enough to remove surface scratches have the potential to damage a painted surface if used improperly by untrained individuals. 

Allowing an expert to perform the process ensures you won’t have to worry about unintended and costly damage. Please take a look through our gallery to see the quality of our work. 

A skilled technician will assess the condition of your vehicle’s paint job and apply their professional judgment to select the perfect level of cutting compound that balances safety and strength to achieve the optimum results. 

Stage 2 - Fine Polishing 
During the second stage, technicians will use an appropriate polish for your vehicle’s finish to refine the surface after the initial paint leveling. This will be accomplished by using an ultra-fine polish with a mechanical buffer and a soft pad. This important stage evens out the paint's surface and deposits a base layer of protection to restore a glossy sheen. 

Stage 3 - Wax or sealant 
In this final stage, the paint technician will select the appropriate finishing wax, glaze, or sealant and apply it to your vehicle's freshly buffed exterior to achieve that perfect glassy sheen. This final step will also seal and protect your newly restored finish ensuring it stays glossy and looking new for as long as possible. 

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