Let Us Restore Your Headlights to Peak Condition

Yellow, foggy or cloudy headlights affect a lot more than just the appearance of your car. Headlamps that have this type of wear provide less light and pose a safety risk. They simply can't do the job they were meant to do. Professional headlight restoration brings those headlamps back to peak clarity and brightness.

Even though almost all American car owners have headlights that are susceptible to clouding, only 20% have chosen to have that damage repaired according to AAA.

In fact, Motorweek calls the large presence of cloudy headlights an “epidemic.”

This means that a large number of drivers have headlights that are not working as well as they should. Poorly-functioning headlights are a serious hazard. At Touch Up Masters, we’re proud to offer high-quality headlamp restoration in Austin to keep you driving safely.

If you’ve seen your headlights go from crystal-clear to faded and yellow, you should probably think about getting them serviced and cleaned. First, we’ll answer a few common questions.

Why do headlights get cloudy?

The appearance of the plastic lens covering your headlights can be altered by ultraviolet light. This process is called oxidation. Small road particles and other debris can also cause the lens to look foggy. Basically, the more exposure to the elements your car receives, the more likely it is that your headlights will become cloudier and less effective.

If I just replace the bulbs, won’t that make my headlights brighter?

Just replacing the bulb doesn’t remove the layer of oxidation. While the new bulb will burn more brightly, some of its light will still be obscured by an unrestored lens. You won't get the maximum benefit of your new bulb unless the oxidation is removed.

Should I be concerned about this in the winter?

Absolutely. We may not get much snow in the winter, but we certainly have shorter periods of daylight. An oxidized headlight illuminates less of the road. Dimmer headlights pose a hazard in any season, but particularly during the darker winter days. Headlight restoration in Austin is an essential factor in promoting safer night driving, no matter the season.

Can’t I just restore my headlights myself?

While there are do-it-yourself kits available, it’s not a good idea to do it yourself; you should always have the job done professionally. Restoration involves multiple steps, and a trained technician will be able to effectively work on the headlamp cover without damaging the surrounding materials and finish. Our specialists at Touch Up Masters also have the expertise needed to handle a variety of headlight types and be able to get the job done more efficiently.

Your headlights are among the most vital safety features your car has. They should remain in a condition that gives you peace of mind. When you need to have your headlights restored to prime condition, you can trust Touch Up Masters, the experts in headlight restoration in Austin.




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